Safety, Health and Environment

Consilium Middle East (FZC) is concerned about the safety associated with hazardous activities at construction sites and determined to improve safety standards. A clean environment at the workplace improves health and prosperity for the individual, and a community as a whole. Environmental protection and accident prevention methods became part of the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all our projects.

Quality Management System

Consilium Middle East has established, documented, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System to continually improve its effectiveness as a means of providing a structured process for the achievement of product quality and customer satisfaction in accordance with the requirements of International Standards.

To achieve the above mentioned, the company has
  • Identified and managed the processes needed for the Quality Management System and their application throughout the organization.
  • Determined and documented the sequence and interaction of these processes.
  • Determined the criteria and methods required to ensure the effective operation and control of these processes through procedures and instructions.
  • Ensured the availability of information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes.
  • Has defined the methods to measure, monitor and analyze these processes and implement action necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement.