Our employees are the main reason why Consilium is successful. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for talented, innovative people who enjoy working in a creative, dynamic international environment.

We look forward to employees who want to join Consilium on its exciting journey towards the future and work with technologically advanced products and solutions that are designed to protect people, the environment and material assets.

Life at Consilium

Working at Consilium means sharing a common culture. Our values are about giving and taking responsibility, always keeping the customer in focus, being transparent in what you do, having a high work ethic, and collaborating in cross-functional projects.

Induction of new employees

We think it’s important that when you start working for us you get what you need to hit the ground running in your new job, to know how our organisation works, and to know who to turn to if you have questions.

That’s why we have an induction program that includes information about corporate routines and staff benefits, corporate values and policies, training in our business process systems, and efficiency training.


Salary and bonus incentives support our work of realising the company’s visions and business goals. Their purpose is to enhance our ability to recruit, develop and retain competent, committed employees.

Our salary levels and employee bonuses should contribute to the perception of Consilium as an attractive employer. Consilium rewards behaviour that’s in keeping with the company’s values. ‘Performance above and beyond’, qualified education and willingness to take responsibility are valued highly. As are the will to change, internal mobility, and, not least, good leadership.

Personal development

Each year you will be offered competence development on both an individual basis and together with your colleagues. Consilium wants you to be able to learn on a daily basis so that you can play a part in developing the business and develop yourself in your professional role. Competence development and business development go hand in hand. Our business is all about being better able to satisfy our customers’ needs, and to develop and retain competent employees and managers.

You plan your individual competence development during the appraisal talk you have with your manager. Because Consilium wants to be a learning organisation we strive to have a conscious approach to learning, education and development that stimulates all our employees’ will, commitment and ability to develop. That’s why we base competence development on the active involvement of all our employees and on a way of working that helps us learn from each other.

Available Positions

Send your CV’s to hr@consilium.ae.