Consilium Technologies brings solutions to optimise your business process, capture workflows, map and manage asset information for operations excellence.

Consilium Technologies works with an ecosystem of digital solutions & services to enhance competitiveness and sustainability of our customers. Our expertise lies in providing consultancy and implementation of solutions mapped to your business and industry landscape. Our focus areas are.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions
  • Smart Sustainability Solutions
  • Geospatial Innovative SolutionsTechnologies-1

Asset Lifecycle Information Management Solutions (ALIMS)

Capital projects are under pressure to maintain profitability in increasingly volatile market and maximize every conceivable advantage to keep pace with economic trends and technologies. Industries are therefore under increasing pressure to reduce costs, meet tougher performance and sustain production targets, comply with regulatory requirements and maximize return on capital projects. With increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies , optimization and reduce downtime, Asset Lifecycle Management is at the heart of all important decisions making Capital Project Control & Asset Information critical to sustainability & improve performance, which if neglected can lead to cost underestimates, project overruns, inconsistent safety measures and non-compliance.

Consequently, it becomes imperative to build & validate information about the assets throughout their lifecycle, connect disparate business systems, unify data from various sources and install rule based workflow business process systems for efficient management and control. A set of information such as design specifications, reliability data, location, usage rate, environmental conditions, is then required to make effective decisions that aim to maximize its utilization throughout the asset’s life.


Consilium Technologies brings in solutions to address Asset Information Management covering all stages of the asset lifecycle; starting from planning/concept, FEED, detailed design, procurement/construction, commissioning, handover, operation & maintenance, modifications and decommissioning by providing a single point of truth for asset-related information throughout the lifecycle and connect with disparate business systems, developing rule based workflow business process to make unified validated data easily accessible for engineering, maintenance ,operations, Inspection and other plant stakeholders.

Solution offerings:

Our Asset Lifecycle Information Management services (ALIMS) is set of consulting, managed services & Solution implementation designed to improve the operational efficiency and readiness of physical plant assets through the specialized application which results in reduced operating and maintenance costs, while improving uptime and production.

  • Engineering Information Management
  • Master Data Management Solution & Services
  • Operation & Maintenance Information Management Solution
  • Integrated Capital Project Solution
  • Optimized Plant Construction Solution
  • Optimized Subsurface Development Solution
  • Intelligent Plant Data Capture Services
  • Intergraph Smart Plant Services



Smart Sustainability Solutions (S3)

Consilium’s Smart Sustainability Solutions (CS3) works with organizations providing digital solutions to de-risk operations, enable sustainability & leverage clean technologies.

Our services and products are focused around Enterprise EHS, Operational risk management, development and monitoring built upon Blockchain, Cloud, IOT, Big data technologies.

Whether your business operates critical assets in energy, utilities, supply chain and habitats or is looking to manage sustainability through renewables, environment, health and safety, CS3 provides solutions and services throughout the lifecycle leveraging domain expertise of business processes and operational solutions in these areas.


Solution offerings:

  • EHS systems integration with ERP, SCADA & GIS
  • Enterprise Business Process Management
  • Permitting, NOCs, & Compliance Workflows
  • Renewable Energy Monitoring, Control Systems & Business Platforms.
  • Spatial Mineral Resource Optimization & Governance Solution
  • Geospatial based Hazardous Material Tracking Solution


Geospatial Innovative Solutions (GSol)

With increasing focus on security, environment, safety and efficient governance, organizations need accurate static & dynamic information of their movable and immovable assets to provide citizen or customer centric services. Leveraging on Spatial content & analysis brings value to monitoring critical infrastructure and helps in addressing social-economic factors. These spatial information need to be dynamically updated, managed and analyzed for making strategic decisions. We specialize in converging various business processes and technologies to develop interactive Locational Intelligence enabled Enterprise Solutions.

Consilium Technologies brings in expertise through its Geospatial Innovative Solutions connecting platforms, technology sensors, data and people for a collaborative preemptive & proactive decision making environment.

Our Geospatial Innovative Solutions offer complete range of services for developing enterprise wide spatially enabled innovative workflow solutions using IoT, Cloud and Big Data technologies. Services includes data creation & governance for Infrastructure & Asset Mapping, Enterprise Business Process development , Resource Tracking and Spatial integration with other enterprise systems viz BIM, ERP, CRM, SCADA etc.

Solution offerings:

  • Location enabled Enterprise Integration & Workflow Management
  • Geospatial Data Migration (Utilities & Road Networks)
  • Aerial Survey & mapping
  • Terrestrial Survey & Mapping
  • Bathymetric Survey & Mapping
  • Geospatial Data Creation & Migration
  • 3D Smart City Modeling & Visualization
  • Indoor Mapping & Navigation
  • Lidar data capture processing & update
  • Apps development for Smart Governance
  • Subsurface Resource Planning. Modeling, Design & Information Management


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