Providing Operational safety is essential to reduce the potential risks of human errors. Consilium VTS solutions are based on decades of experience in navigational radars and tailor made to meet the Customers’ requirements for the application.

Consilium VTS features

  • State-of-art digital electronics
  • Flexible configuration
  • Standard interface to other sensors
  • Life cycle support
  • Design to operate in harsh environments

Complete solutions for radar based Low-End VTS

Marine traffic monitoring activities, including mandatory VTS, are definitely growing in numbers world-wide. The early Consilium Selesmar shore based radar system was installed for marine navigation service in 1984. The VTS Consilium Product range consists from a simple stand-alone radar system to a comprehensive and integrated aid to navigation system incorporated with radars, remote radar site controllers, multi-server, multi-operator workstations, AIS and CCTV. They are designed precisely for those users desiring the utmost in performance and reliability at a reasonably low investment.

Whatever their application, Consilium Selesmar VTS systems are marked by advanced state-of-the-art technologies in radar signal processing, multi-sensor track association, radar tracking techniques and display solutions.

Radar components for High-End VTS

IALA, International Association of Lighthouse Authorities, has recently released a new edition of the recommendation V-128 on operational and Technical Performance Requirements for VTS Equipment, which amongst other things, provides recommendation for advanced radars aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of shipping and on the protection of the marine environment.

Consilium, as component supplier to the world’s leading VTS solutions providers, is constantly developing new radar technologies and radar sensor solutions to meet future monitoring needs.

Consilium Selesmar X-band frequency Diversity Radar Sensor, consisting of a low noise dual frequency transceiver set, is the latest solution for High-End VTS. It has been designed to detect targets with very low signatures in a wide range of sea conditions.