The Selesmar ECDIS is an extremely powerful navigation and information display system enabling radar video overlay. This combined with display of AIS data provides the professional mariner with the complete navigational situation on one display eliminating the need to reference and appraise information from multiple sources – charts, navigational sensors, radar, ARPA, etc.

Key benefits of Selesmar ECDIS:

Total situation appraisal on one integrated dispay, chart, radar, ARPA and AIS eliminating the need to move between instruments and designed in accordance with IMO/IEC requirements for Integrated Navigation Systems.

  • Type approved by DNV.
  • Powerful decision support and information tool.
  • Capable of incorporating official HO ENC’s along with raster charts produced by several official Hydrographic offices.
  • Enables extremely precise navigation providing precise bearings to lights and landmarks at long ranges.
  • Greatly reduces workload in the production of Voyage Plans ETA’s and rapid changes to these.
  • Operates with all major chart formats and provides seamless presentation of ARCS ENC charts.
  • Simple, low cost update and maintenance of charts via email.
  • Interfaces to large variety of navigation sensors.
  • Selection of hardware options enabling ease and flexibility of installation on new buildings and sailing ships.
  • Fuel saving
  • User-friendly man machine operation with “built-in” user manual and on-line help.
  • High mean time between failure and low mean time to repair.
  • Can be run on Consilium Voyage Data Recorders (S-VDR & VDR) to save space and resources.