In the Marine segment which comprises of Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Cruise, Ferry, RoRo, PCC, PCTC, Workboats, Navy and Yachts, PSV, OSV, AMT Consilium offers a wide range of safety systems. Our systems are designed and developed to meet the demands from our customers and the regulatory requirements from the majority of Classification societies as well as the EC (European Community) rules, which are applicable for selected system types.

Consilium has come out with a Consilium Common Platform (CLP) Design in which the basic building block for all systems are standardized.

Fire detection

Consilium offers two fire detection systems, CS3000 and CS4000. The CS3000 is a full-scale loop-configured analogue addressable fire detection system and the CS4000, a fully addressable fire detection system. The CS4000 can also be used as a conventional system as well as a combined analogue/conventional system.

Gas detection

Consilium offers two gas detection systems, SW2020 and GS3000. The SW2020 is of scanning (sequential) sampling type and is suitable for water ballast tanks, void spaces as well as for pump room applications, and the GS3000 is a loop-configured analogue addressable gas detection system which can be found in offshore applications, onboard LNG carriers and other demanding installations.

Emission Monitoring

Consilium offers the world’s only true continuous measuring NOx and SO2 analysing equipment for marine applications. The system is based on the regulatory chemiluminescent principle as stated in the “Marpol Annex VI NOx Technical Code”.

Atmospheric OMD

Consilium offers oil mist detection system to monitor oil mist in areas like engine room and hydraulic room so as to provide advance fire hazard warning.

IG O2 Analyzer

Consilium offers dual cell oxygen analyzer to monitor inert gas for O2 content, so as to inert product tanks. These are analyzers with redundant measuring cells and is very compact for easy installation.

Bridge Package

Consilium has been offering the complete bridge package encompassing navigation & communication for many of the new builds in various ship yards.


The Selesmar Radar Systems are well known for their modular design, high reliability and flexible interface. The user-friendly man-machine interface of Consilium Selux Radar line is based on new software that allows flexible use, for instance entries may be made by the traditional keyboard or by trackball/mouse only via user-defined windows.


Selesmar ECDIS is an extremely powerful navigation and information display system enabling radar video overlay.

This combined with display of AIS data provides the professional mariner with the complete navigational situation on one display eliminating the need to reference and appraise information from multiple sources – charts, navigational sensors, radar, ARPA, etc.

Speed Logs & Echo Sounders

Consilium offers Speed Logs based on the acoustic correlation principle, which gives the possibility, pending on the selected model, to measure simultaneously Water Track Speed, Bottom Track Speed as well as Depth with just one sensor.

Agency Systems

  • Fresh water systems right from Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants of ENWA; Hydrophore, Calorifier, Sterilizers, OWS, ODME and STP from JOWA.
  • Onboard loading computers for ship’s stability analysis and emergency response. Complete Ship Performance System (on-board/On-shore), so as to improve vessel performance from NAPA.
  • Cargo pumps and engine room pumps for different types of vessels from NANIWA and OTM.
  • Impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) for hull protection and Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) for sea water line protection from ACG MARINE.
  • Sturdy, reliable and maintenance-free shaft power monitoring system from KYMA.
  • Oil sludge and solid wastes incinerators of different capacities from TEAMTEC.
  • Turnkey solutions for galley and SS furnitures for Galleys, Pantries, Provision, cold stores, BAR and Buffet equipments and laundry equipments specially designed for marine from LOIPART.
  • Complete range of cameras, monitors and recording systems suitable for harsh enviroments.
  • Fully approved ballast water treatment systems which allows only filtered, cavitated, Super saturated and hypoxic water to enter ballast tanks, preventing potential marine life re-growth and significantly reducing oxidation of tanks from OCEAN SAVER.
  • Navigational and nautical products for different types of vessels from CASSENS & PLATH.
  • Dynamic Positions (DP) systems, Joystick Autopilots, DP training systems for precision control of vessels from NAVIS ENGINEERING.
  • Alarm monitoring & control system, power management/vessel management systems, generator & winch control systems for different types of vessels fro TECHSOL/SMART AUTOMATION.
  • Explosion-proof cable and pipe transit solutions from MCT BRATTBERG.
  • Water tube/fire tube boilers/exhaust gas boilers/heating systems from S-MAN.
  • Personal and portable single and multi gas detectors from INTERNATIONAL SENSORS.