FNC, a Full Range of Safety Equipments for Storage Tanks and Pipelines.

FNC was established as Fabbrica Nazionale Cilindri in 1927 as a manufacturer of made to measure mechanical components. For more than 50 years FNC has been manufacturing fire protection fittings for pipelines and tanks venting accessories.

The range of the main product lines of Flame Arresters and Low Pressure relief valves is completed by Emergency Vents, Blanketing Systems, and all tank accessories.

FNC obtained ISO 9000 certification since 1994 and has always paid great attention to quality and to innovation offered by the market in order to enable more rational and efficient production. Since 2003 is ATEX certified according to directive 94/9/EC by a Notified Body. All Flame arresters are Type approved according to EN 12874/ISO16852 and all production is found to comply with the requirements of directive ATEX 94/9/EC. In 2010 FNC achieved the GOST R and RTN certifications for all the products.

The Company Mission is being the fastest and flexible supplier of Safety systems for Storage Tanks and Pipelines with a wide range of products. Following and supporting the Customer into the innovation and the Future & giving the right balance between price and quality.