The following systems are undertaken individually or collectively for the industrial segment, which together will cover the complete systems scope under fire protection:

  • Hydrant systems
  • Deluge spray systems
  • Engineered fixed foam systems
  • Fixed and portable foam equipment
  • Linear Heat Detection systems
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Fire and Gas detection systems
The Division is closely associated with a number of reputed International Companies and a few of them are listed below:

Svenska Skum, Sweden:

Manufacturers of Fixed and portable foam equipment and concentrates.

Few providers have invested more time or energy into developing foam concentrates and hardware than Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products, through it’s SKUM brand. With years of research and development expertise, supported by continual field input, SKUM technologies are the result of the real-world demands and high customer expectations.

Discharge equipment and system components, both fixed and mobile, are made from the highest quality materials for outstanding durability, lighter weights and high value. Electronics are rigorously tested and proven for performance. Systems are designed for power, low maintenance and operating costs, and long life.To further assist customers in equipping themselves with the appropriate solutions, SKUM is an ISO registered brand, meeting or exceeding the requirements of most international approvals and environmental standards.

SKUM TOWALEX Class A and B foam concentrates are formulated to provide fast knock down, isolation and cooling in a wide array of settings from enclosed spaces such as aircraft hangars, rail tunnels and warehouses, to open areas around tanks storing petroleum products, LNG and other commercial and offshore marine fire risks.

SKUM METEOR P+ is a synthetic detergent foam concentrate which has been especially developed to meet the requirements of the HOTFOAM inside air systems but is also suitable for any other application where a high quality, top performing High Expansion foam concentrate is required.

  • Foam/Water Monitors – El. Remote, Manual, Oscillating and Hydraulic
  • Foam Proportioners and Bladdertank Systems
  • Storage Tank/Protection Equipment
  • High Expansion Foam Systems

AP Foam Concentrates

  • SKUM 3x3AP

Synthetic Detergent Concentrates

  • SKUM METEOR P+High Expansion

Protein foam concentrates

  • HOTFORM Inside Air System
  • Mobile Foam Generators
  • Pump Foam and Inline Proportioners
  • Rapid Response Water/Foam Trailers
  • Branchpipes (low, medium)

Synthetic Foam Concentrates


GEMCO Mobile Systems, Netherlands

Manufacturers of custom engineered foam systems.

Custom Engineered Large Capacity Foam Systems

These are back up foam systems with huge stand alone capacity, put into action when every available fixed system run out of capacity after failing to contain potentially disastrous full surface storage tank fires. The systems are custom engineered and manufactured by GEMCO MOBILE SYSTEMS, Netherland.

This unique mobile extinguishing system offers a high capacity discharge facility to cope with full surface tank fires. The total system is specially designed for first response at fire emergencies where large quantities of water and / or foam are required. The system is fully equipped with all means for adequate foam fire fighting, designed according to European and international Standards. The units can be transported by several methods e.g. by truck, train, helicopter and/or boat. The system consists of Sea Water Intake Units, Booster Trailer Units, Monitor Trailer Units, Foam Storage Units, Hose Reel System, Material Storage Containers, and Transport Trucks.

The Big Flow Pump Unit is equipped with high capacity water Pump and powered by a heavy duty diesel engine (up to 2000HP).

This unit will be used for first response during fuel tank fires or large scale infernos. The unit is designed for easy handling and set up and can be deployed for operation very quickly.

The standard unit built-up is an open type construction to ease accessibility for maintenance.

Sabofoam, Italy

Manufacturers of UL listed foam concentrates.

Consilium, Sweden:

Manufacturers of Fire detection systems for Marine and Industrial projects.

Proline, UK:

Manufacturers of linear heat detection systems.

The division has in-house capability to design and develop automated control systems for fire fighting packages.