Terminal Automation System

Over the last four decades Terminal Managers, Pipeline engineers, Operation and Maintenance personnel in the Oil & Gas industry have seen the advantages of UCOS® and Fuel-FACS+® system offerings from CSI, Inc. Consilium has partnered with CSI, Inc. to make available the best of these technologies to our customers simplifying and optimizing their processes and operations. The Custom Built UCOS® system provide comprehensive SCADA, DCS and PLC systems harnessing all their advantages and at the same time overcoming their traditional disadvantages. Fuel-FACS+® systems offer comprehensive Terminal Automation packages with functions and capabilities beyond the traditional approaches. This includes the following:

  • Pipeline Control & Monitoring
  • Batch & Scraper Tracking
  • Predicted Batch Arrival Time
  • Pipeline & Tank Inventories
  • Leak Detection (Line Balance)
  • Hydraulic Profile
  • Remote Meter Proving
  • Historical Meter Prover Values
  • Sampling
  • Operational Archiving
  • Nominations, Ticketing, and Reconsignments
  • Device Simulation
  • Maintenance Note Pad
  • Redundant Remotes and Master Stations
  • Incoming/Outgoing Switches
  • Communications Statistics
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Loading Terminal Automation
  • Access Security
  • Tank-to-Tank Transfers
  • Bay Queuing
  • Gain/Loss Calculation
  • Pump Sequencing
  • End-of-Day Reporting
  • Allocation and Credit Checks
  • Inventory Management
  • Metered/Injected/Weighed Dispensing
  • Exchange Agreement Management
  • Pre-Dispatched and Rack Orders
We deliver complete TAS/SCADA solutions including
  • Project Management
  • Goal Specification
  • Project Planning
  • Specification Development
  • Advanced Application Development
  • Systems & Equipment Acquisition
  • System Configuration & Testing
  • Instrument Engineering
  • Drawings & Documentation
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training
  • System Maintenance
  • Product & System Support
  • Field Services

Product Metering Solution

We offer complete flow metering solutions for custody transfer oil and gas projects. Together with the customer we always look for the best possible technical and economical solutions for any metering application. The solutions provided are based on the latest technologies in line with the application and operational requirements and in accordance with international standards.

The Systems can be designed and integrated for crude oil and various hydrocarbon products such as condensate, LPG, lubricants, fuel oil, kerosene, naphtha and for natural gas applications, Liquid and Gas metering systems

The Metering Systems could include the following components:
  • Flow meters (using various technologies)
  • MOVs
  • Valves
  • Digital Flow control valves
  • Complete Instrumentation packages
  • Strainers
  • Sampling systems
  • Analyzer systems
  • Electronic Flow computers
  • Control Panels
  • Delivery Supervision system
  • Top-Bottom Loading Skids

Management and Optimization needs of Tank truck loading requires highly precise, flexible, low maintenance and user friendly loading systems.

The various components included in these skids include but not limited to:
  • Flow meters of various technologies
  • Valves
  • Digital Flow control valves
  • Pumps
  • Strainers
  • Electronic flow computers
  • Delivery supervision system
  • Complete instrumentation packages
  • Top or Bottom Loading arms

Electric Valve Actuators

Drehmo GmbH based at Wenden, Germany is a world leader in Electric Actuators and Actuator control systems and have been synonymous with technological innovations and product quality. Established in 1930, these actuators have been in use worldwide and have since been considered the “workhorses” in the Oil and Gas Industry, Power generation and Utility sectors. We can also offer complete MOV packages with our systems integrated to valves from all leading manufacturers.

Valve Retrofitting and Automation

Drehmo and Consilium can offer valve refurbishment solutions by retrofitting Manual valves with Actuators and Master control stations from Drehmo. The service provided is irrespective of the make, type, size, condition and age of the valve. Our experienced Valve Retrofit specialists can undertake site surveys and make appropriate recommendations. We can also offer you complete automation solutions that include Actuators, Gear Boxes and Master control stations from Drehmo and Control systems from the various offerings of Consilium.
The scope of services include Site survey, Adapter and Mounting accessory design and supply, Actuator sizing, Control System recommendations, Actuator manufacturing, mounting, installation, wiring, configuration, commissioning and training.

Tank Leak & Spillage Detection

GE Analytical, in line with the industry trend clamoring for tighter environmental norms and regulatory compliances offers their Leakwise® brand Onshore Tank and Offshore Oil leakage and spillage detection systems in a simpler design yet overcoming the issues faced with traditional technologies. These can be used for oil sheen measurements on water starting at 0.3 mm upto oil thickness measurement of 200 mm covering every application in the Hydrocarbon industry – either Onshore or Offshore. The sensor requires no regeneration or cleaning and keeps detecting the spills even after the spillage and its cause has been corrected. Optional wireless communication capabilities include sending alarm and status messages via PTP radio, satellite, e-mail or GSM.