We provide a very strong automation package with the best products in the market as an integrated or standalone solution and includes:

Our Engineering Strength includes Design & Development of:

  • Instrument Index
  • PFD’s and P&ID’s
  • Instrument Loop Design
  • Instrument Specifications & data sheet
  • Instrument, JB, Cabling, Control room layout
  • Functional Design Specification
  • Cause & Effect Study

Our specialist core activities includes design, Installation and Commissioning of

  • ICSS (Integrated Control & Safety systems)
  • DCS/PLC based Control System
  • SCADA Based Monitoring & Control System
  • Implementation of Instrument Systems for Process Plant
  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Emergency Shutdown System
  • Terminal Management System
  • Radar based Tank Farm Inventory Management System
  • Pipeline Leak Detection System
  • Telemetry and Remote Communication System
  • CCTV monitoring and Surveillance System
  • Manual Valves Retrofitting & Automation Solutions
  • Telecom & Security Systems