We provide multidiscipline design and project management solutions for HV, MV & LV substations and industrial electrification projects. Our integrated operations involving electrical, instrumentation and automation disciplines enable selection of optimum methodologies for design and implementation techniques, to achieve timely and successful completion of projects.

Our Engineering Strength includes:

  • Basic engineering design of electrical systems.
  • Selection and development of suitable control system configurations based on process requirements, end-user simulation.
  • Procurement of electrical systems or equipment.
  • Calculations of short circuit ratios, voltage, current and losses division under normal running conditions.
  • Voltage and current harmonics, frequency characteristics of the network.
  • Cable sizing calculations.
  • Earthing Calculations
  • Protection selectivity setups.
  • ETAP Study
  • Lighting Calculations

Our specialist core activities includes design, Installation and Commissioning of the below outsourced items:

  • HV, MV AND LV switchgear panels
  • Motor control centers with VFD’s, Soft starters, Star delta and DOL
  • HV and MV Distribution transformers
  • RMU’S
  • Switchgear and generator control panels
  • Synchronization panels
  • Auto transfer system (ATS)
  • Diesel Generators
  • Industrial lightings
  • Solar Power lightings
  • New installations or retrofitting and modernizations of existing installations in the field of electrical power engineering