About Consilium Middle East

Consilium ME is a subsidiary company of Consilium Marine AB, Sweden, which is listed in the Swedish stock exchange. Consilium ME together with Consilium Sweden predominantly develops products and systems for Oil & Gas and Marine industry. Consilium also produces fire detection equipment for transport (Trains) and high value buildings like Hospitals, Airports and Museums.


Deriving from the excellent reputation the group enjoyed, Consilium Middle East soon became a market leader in its field of operation. Expansion of infrastructure and diversification of business areas came naturally to the company, as products and services from many internationally reputed manufacturers were added to the company’s profile. Presently we represent over 20 internationally reputed companies, who come in the first three positions in their chosen field of operations in terms of global market share! To efficiently support the operation and diversification activities, the company has been going through timely addition of quality manpower.